Hydraulic hose

Equipment falls and fatally pins worker

An employee died after earthmoving machinery crushed his body. A maintenance worker recently passed away while replacing a worn-out main hydraulic pressure hose. The individual began by releasing...

hydraulic injection

Potential hydraulic injection for worker

MinEX NZ has released a safety alert regarding a potential hydraulic injection injury. A mobile plant operator and a fellow worker were in the process of starting the plant when a small oil leak was...

Rockfall injures jumbo operator

Rockfall injures jumbo operator

Queensland Mineral Mines & Quarries Inspectorate has published a rockfall incident that caused a jumbo operator suffered a serious injury (broken rib). According to the report, The jumbo operator...

CR Digital launches Titan for Wheel Loaders

CR Digital launches Titan for Wheel Loaders

CR Digital has announced the launch of the Titan 3330 Load Haul Optimisation System for Wheel Loaders. Building on the success of CR Digital’s original Titan 3330 product for Hydraulic Excavators and...

trailer ramp failure results in fatal injuries for worker

Fatal injuries from falling trailer ramp

A worker has died from fatal injuries sustained from a falling trailer ramp on a low loader trailer at a construction depot in Te Kuiti New Zealand. The 43-year-old father of two was reportedly...

AMSJ April 2022