AMSJ » Truck driver cracks head open after forgetting to secure PPE
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Truck driver cracks head open after forgetting to secure PPE

Head injury from loose boots
Head injury from loose boots

A heavy vehicle operator’s suffered a serious cranial injury because part of his uniform was loose.

Authorities recently examined circumstances leading to a truck driver splitting his scalp after incorrectly tying up his boot laces at an undisclosed work site.

“On exiting his vehicle cab he misjudged his footing and missed the bottom step. He fell, striking his head, right elbow and lower back on the concrete paving,” the incident report said.

“He reported feeling dizzy and sick and therefore the emergency services were called. An ambulance arrived and the driver was taken to hospital for assessment, accompanied by the plant manager. He was released later in the day having had stitches to close his head wound.”

Investigators concluded the operator should have “correctly fastened” his work boots and made the following recommendations:

  • wear correctly fastened boots
  • steps and curbs should be clearly highlighted
  • ensure all drivers are inducted and trained in safely accessing and egressing from vehicle cabs
  • site risk assessments must consider drivers exiting vehicles and changing into personal protective equipment at loading bays.

Click here to read the full incident report.

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