Mine safety research seeks to evaluate and quantify condition affecting the health and safety of mine workers. AMSJ regularly features a range of research articles that contribute to the global discussion and body of knowledge on the health and safety of mine workers and the communities where they live.

Our page provides summaries and links to the latest cutting-edge research and provides a forum for researchers to share their findings with the mining community.

Australasian Mine Safety Journal provides links to the world’s leading research providers, research funding organisations, research related conferences and other related bodies.

Research areas of interest to our readership extend across emerging issues in mine safety and health including FIFO, human-machine interactions (proximity detection), management of dust, the effects of automation on mining safety and health, programmable electronic systems in safety and health, malware and software issues that may affect workers, remote operations centre health and safety, refuge and shelter in underground mines.

We welcome contributions from leading safety and health researchers.

underground ventilation research

Underground ventilation research

Improving ventilation in underground mines with large openings is the focus of a new project funded by the United States Centre for Disease Control’s Office of Mine Safety and Health Research...

What is mine safety leadership?

What is mining safety leadership?

The term ‘mining safety leadership’ is often used throughout the mining industry to herald an individual or companies achievements in mine safety. But it can mean many things to many...

Managing diesel emissions in underground mines can prevent exposure to nano particulate diesel.

Managing diesel emissions

Managing diesel emissions is critical to any underground mine operation. How mine ventilation systems can be optimised to limit exposure of workers to diesel emissions and exhaust gases in...

Sotar Spine Musculoskelatal feedback monitor

Wearable Safety Device assists to avoid injury risk

Soter Analytics has developed a wearable safety device with sensor and app to coach industrial workers to avoid injury risk.  New technology consisting of a wearable sensor and accompanying app...

01 - slip into something less comfortable

Slip into something less comfortable

Mining ergonomics expert, Robin Burgess-Limerick, discusses how to prevent slips, trips and falls during mining equipment access and egress. Access to, and egress from, mining equipment is an...

a team of researchers are using robots to explore abandoned mines

Robot explores deep workings of flooded mines

A co-operative project is using robots to explore workings of flooded mines across Europe. The UNEXMIN project is developing a technology capable of autonomous exploration and mapping of flooded...

risk avoidance research and locus of control

Mine safety research and risk avoidance

A new US mine safety research paper has shone a light on key issues associated with education and risk avoidance. The paper entitled The role of risk avoidance and locus of control in workers’ near...

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