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Robotic researchers partner with crane technology company

Robotics Researchers are working to automate crane load operations Minerals Research Institute
Robotic Researchers are working to automate load operations

Robotics researchers from the Queensland University of Technology are partnering with Brisbane-based technology company Verton Australia to automate load management through robotics.

a new load orientation system will improve safety through removing the use of taglines
MACA Interquip has secured a new Verton load orientation system.

The Verton system focuses on reduction of the risk of using tag lines on suspended loads. Historically, the majority of serious injuries or fatalities from crane and suspended load operations are sustained by those in close proximity to the load and typically involving either being struck by the load itself or electrocuted after contact with live electricity lines or equipment.

“To be involved in a project to adapt the development and manufacturing of the R-series through the use of robotics is a compelling concept that has enormous potential,” Verton Australia chief executive Trevor Bourne said.

“As well as enabling unprecedented safety for crane operations, the R-Series also improves efficiency and productivity.”

The robotic researchers will be using sensors on the equipment to optimise the crane’s performance.

This includes investigating ways to improve the energy management and storage capabilities of the device.

The R-Series has been attracting worldwide interest from transport, construction, renewable energy and mining companies and was recently recognised at Australia’s Good Design Awards.


Bourke said the project has brought together experts in robotics and data analytics to further develop the R-Series systems.

“By embracing digitalisation and integrating advanced manufacturing technologies such as smart robotics and the Internet of Things, Verton, in collaboration with QUT, will create and export new flexible load-management solutions that can be seamlessly integrated and applied across multiple sectors,” IMCRC chief executive David Chuter said.

“Collaboratively, they will change industries because they see the benefits that their manufacturing research will create, not just for Australia – but globally.”

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