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Verton lifting equipment

New load orientation for Roy Hill

Iron ore mine Roy Hill in Western Australia’s Pilbara region has purchased leading smart technology company Verton Australia’s remote-controlled load orientation system the Everest 6, which...

mining exoskeleton will improve work safety in the mining industry

Exoskeleton for miners of the future

A new commercially available exoskeleton could equip miners to safely lift and manipulate weights of up to 90kg all day without risk of injury. While it sounds like a future of mining concept or a...

Lifting incident involving a loader axle assembly for a mine loader

Lifting Incident | Loader Axle

A recent lifting incident involving a loader axle assembly has highlighted the requirement for the effective assessment of lifting methods during maintenance operations. According to the Minex NZ...

vent tube chain crushed fingers

Vent tube chain squashed underground miner’s fingers

A mining accident at a New South Wales mine has resulted in a mineworker suffering two fractured fingers from a vent tube chain while operating a shuttle car at an underground mine. According to...