AMSJ » 500+ TEDs sold as Nivek Industries bolsters mine safety and efficiency

500+ TEDs sold as Nivek Industries bolsters mine safety and efficiency


Nivek Industries was founded in 2011 with the mission of creating a safer and more efficient working environment for maintainers in mining workshops. Now, the Singleton-based manufacturing company has reached a major milestone by selling over 500 TEDs to mine sites across Australia – success that showcases the value in leveraging innovative technology to protect and support maintenance personnel.

TED, which stands for ‘Tracked Elevating Device’, is a groundbreaking piece of equipment that has been engineered to reduce the risk of injury in the mining industry.

Designed for fitters by fitters, this workshop and pit tool helps to prevent accidents and boost productivity when personnel are required to work underneath hull trucks or bulldozers.

While it’s tough to measure the precise impact of each TED, Nivek Industries has made it clear that their primary goal in producing this unique device is to strengthen workplace safety for mine workers. If this revolutionary device helps to save a single life, then they have achieved what they set out to do.

Robust features behind the rapid success

TED is a remote-controlled, self-propelled belly plate jack that shoulders the weight of belly plate removal and replacement, while keeping personnel away from the lethal crush zone of suspended loads.

Simple to set up, easy to use and built to last, this is a vital piece of safety gear for workers on mining and earth-moving machinery.

Meanwhile, a remote-control system enables personnel to control TED from a safe distance, minimising the exposure of suspended load hazards.

On the ground, a track system supports TED to move across rough and uneven terrain, allowing field service units to conduct maintenance when in the field. The ability to perform maintenance at the site of breakdown saves mining operators having to pay for float costs and greatly reduces downtime.

Nivek Industries now offer a complete range of attachments to make a myriad of maintenance jobs lower risk and less physically stressful.

Plus, they’ve just released Big TED, a larger and stronger model that can lift loads as heavy as 3,000kgs to a height of 1,600mm.

An invaluable investment for hundreds of mining companies and counting

The exceptional demand for Nivek Industries’ TED highlights the vital need for safety equipment at mine sites.

This device is a prime example of how the right gear can transform workers’ protection and productivity in our heavy-duty industry. And with hundreds of TEDs sold to mining companies so far, it seems a significant shift towards safer working practices has already begun.

Ready to invest in your mine workers’ safety and efficiency?

Take the weight out of service and rebuilds with Nivek Industries’ quality mine safety products, including the TED.

The manufacturer’s nationwide network of Service Agents can also support you with onsite training and induction packages to simplify setup.

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