AMSJ » Hiring more women will improve work safety says resources executive

Hiring more women will improve work safety says resources executive

BHP mine worker
Mine worker

A mining boss believes mines will have fewer incidents if employee diversity increases.

BHP recently confirmed it is championing a new pathway to gender equity, which is promised to help decrease workplace injuries and fatalities.

“Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is fundamentally important to the culture we want in our industry and at BHP – a place where it is safe to speak up, share ideas and debate,” Western Australia iron ore asset president Brandon Craig said in a public statement.

“We are committed to achieving a workplace … where people have a voice and can speak their minds.”

Management promised nobody would be penalised for openly expressing their views.

“We are reflecting and acting on employee feedback to address emerging issues and drive performance improvement, and our workplaces are becoming more open, engaging and dynamic,” Craig said.

The company ideally wants every operation to follow South Flank’s example in achieving a 40 per cent female workforce.

“Our newest mine, South Flank, is leading the way on diversification … and researchers at Melbourne’s Monash University have found South Flank is the most gender-balanced large mine in Australia and, likely, the world,” Craig said.

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