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Lifting arm nominated for a safety award

Nivek Industries Lifting Arm has been noiminated for a Prospect Award
Nivek Industries lifting arm that fits to its' belly plate jack has been nominated for a safety award.

A new lifting arm fitted to Nivek Industries belly plate jack called TED has been nominated for a safety award at this year’s Prospect Awards.

The lifting arm with a Safe Working Load of 40 kg has been designed to remove the risk of musculoskeletal injuries (including sprains and strains) while tradespeople are working with a range of heavy tools.

The lifting arm can support the weight of a range of including rattle guns, impact drivers, pneumatic torque guns and air sanders.

The Lift Assist 40 (LA40) arm is a collaboration between the Thiess Mount Owen team and Hunter Valley based Nivek Industries.

The collaboration involved the team at Thiess Mount Owen working with designers and engineers at Nivek to produce the innovative product that will no doubt have a range of uses across the mining industry.

Nivek Industries Marketing Manager Rachel Fraser said recently that “Having the team from Mt Owen come to the workshop was a massive benefit. Before our products hit the market, thorough, real-world trialing is an important part; we want to make sure that they don’t just look good, but that they perform reliably in workshop and field situations,”

“We want to make sure that they are simple to use, that they are quick to set up, that they’re not going to break down, and won’t be shelved.”

TED lifting a dozer belly plate

The lifting arm (Lift Assist LA 40) can be fitted to Nivek Industries Tracked Elevating Device (TED for short). TED is a track driven, all-terrain, battery-operated, remote-controlled belly plate jack. It effectively removes the need for personnel to place themselves under suspended loads associated with the maintenance of heavy earth-moving equipment like dozers, graders etc.

It’s low profile design, and its lift capacity of 800kg from 315mm to 1170mm, TED™ can be used in very tight spaces under machinery to carry and lift heavy components and manoeuvre them safely over soft/rough terrain.

Other finalists in the Prospect Awards include:

  • InControl – INX Software Pty Ltd
  • O3M 3D Smart Sensor – ifm
  • Drug Alert – Frostbland
  • Non-line of sight remote control dozers – Wolff Mining
  • LA-40 – Nivek Industries
  • SAFETRENCH – Trenchless

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