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employee reinstated

Former Cummins employee reinstated with $1.1M Backpay

Following a recent Federal Court decision, global engine manufacturer Cummins Group was forced to reinstate a 34-year senior employee who it had sacked three years ago; and pay him A$1.1 million in...

regulatory capture in mining

Managing Regulatory Capture in Mine Safety Inspection

Regulatory capture is real. The Australian Banking Royal Commission has highlighted blatant failure by regulators to prevent illegal activities on behalf of many Government institutions that are...

fair work audits check pay

Fair work audits remote communities

Fair Work has continued with a range of compliance audits across businesses in remote communities in Australia, including those in the mining communities. The Fair Work Ombudsman recently completed...

landholder compensation agreements

Landholder compensation law reforms tips scales

Queensland landholders can be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses incurred in negotiating conduct and compensation agreements with a resource company – as of April 19th – regardless of...

work injury at a fifo site cricket

FIFO worker injured in cricket match | Compo upheld

A FIFO worker who was injured in a cricket match between shifts on a FIFO site has had a Return to WorkSA appeal (See Note 1) squashed after ReturntoWork SA sort to exclude his injury from...

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