Amber Lilley

‘Raging’ mine worker accused of sexual harassment

Authorities are investigating whether a resources employee behaved inappropriately towards an industry commentator. The Western Australia Police Force wants to know why a mine worker allegedly told a...

10 Tips to Make You a More Effective Mining Leader

10 Tips to Make You a More Effective Mining Leader

Many people look forward to rising through the ranks in the mining industry. However, there comes a point when promotion means taking on a leadership role. It is not easy to be an effective leader...

transitioningmine worker to mine boss

Transitioning from a mine worker to a mine boss

MINE WORKER TO MINE BOSS – It is common for many employees in the mining industry to start at the grass-roots level and transition to a range of supervisory and management roles in various...

prevent group violence

Australia needs to prevent group violence

Dr Phillip Wadds says early intervention can challenge toxic masculinity that may have led to the recent unprovoked knife attack on a man in Pyrmont. Australia needs to challenge toxic masculinity...

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