AMSJ » Resources multinational probes what causes substandard work conditions

Resources multinational probes what causes substandard work conditions

BHP workers
BHP workers

A mining giant investigated different ways to prevent its employment environment from worsening.

BHP recently considered whether to amend policies, processes, and behaviours to eliminate workplace racism.

A review is underway into the best ways to respond to complaints, support those impacted and offer resolution options.

This involves:

  • listening to employees for a better-informed perspective on racism
  • building capability to make sure leaders recognise and call out racial behaviour
  • establishing a racial equity working group led by chief commercial officer Vandita Pant.

“Racism is damaging to one’s mental health because it challenges our notion of ‘self’. It attempts to define who we are against our choice and negates our personal stories, and is one of the few psychosocial hazards that has such a deep effect on our psychology,” health and hygiene vice president Rod Gutierrez said in a public statement.

Workers will be invited for feedback on prejudice, discrimination and hate based on colour, ethnicity, accent or national origin. Management will also invite concerns about “structural racism” including biased policies, processes and systems.

“We are engaging the whole business and inviting everyone to the dialogue,” Gutierrez said.

Pant promised anyone who speaks up about substandard conditions will not be punished.

“We know what kind of company we want to be – one where everyone feels seen, heard, valued and treated with dignity and respect,” she said.


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  • We recently conducted a safety oriented cultural survey for two organizations. We did one on one confidential interviews based on a series of questions , seeking responses and comments on employees perceptions.
    Much of the survey was about determining relationships in the organization, using a safety platform. Most of the females were interviewed by our female consultant who had a very experienced teaching deputy principal background.
    No names or locations were recorded.
    The results were very revealing – one of the questions asked was suggestions to improve the workplace generally.
    Many employees had solid ideas on workplace process improvements – We struck gold with this question.

  • You are already one step back. How can you listen to employees more when they are too frightened to say anything, especially non permanent employees.(FACT).