AMSJ » Coal mine infrastructure avoids incidents for nearly 11 years

Coal mine infrastructure avoids incidents for nearly 11 years

Gunnedah coal handling and preparation plant
Gunnedah coal handling and preparation plant

Part of a fossil fuel operation did not lose a single day to workplace injuries or deaths for more than a decade.

The past decade has been incident-free at Whitehaven Coal’s Gunnedah Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP).

Whitehaven applauded employees for not putting productivity ahead of occupational health and safety.

“Operators at the CHPP do not take shortcuts and they understand that safety is paramount,” production superintendent Derek Welsh said in a public statement.

“The team’s commitment to safety remains unwavering, even in the face of various challenges, including handling different coal types, increased production operations and ongoing maintenance work that requires extended hours.”

At the time of publication the plant had recorded 4000 lost time incident free days, which equates to almost 11 years.

The proponent revealed its secret to preventing mine site injuries and fatalities was conducting regular safety reviews and inspections.

“This [zero harm] achievement is the result of a work culture based on hard work and commitment to team work, strong inter-team support, personal ownership of systems and continuous improvement,” Welsh said.

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