Emergency management and rescue activities at sites is an important element of a mining sites’ risk mitigation strategy.

Mines rescue facilitates the rescue of personnel from hazardous (often life-threatening) conditions in underground or surface mines. It is typically performed by highly trained personnel who are familiar with the hazards associated when operating at a mine site. The uniques skills of rescuers involve the identification and control of hazards including flammable or toxic gases, oxygen-deficient atmospheres, mine fires, complicated geological conditions, flooding with water or extraction of personnel from mining vehicles. Teams work together under a command structure to develop strategies to recover miners trapped in emergency situations either underground or on the surface of the mine while not placing themselves in harm.

There are two aspects to mines rescue. The primary objective is to recover personnel from hazardous condition underground. The secondary objective may be to recover the mine and prepare it for reuse following an incident.

Mines rescues and emergency personnel are typically divided into structured teams with a range of tasks and activities performed. Mines rescuers may be a volunteer or employed mine site or governmental staff. They are typically highly trained in the aspects of rescue in a mining environment and often participate in mines rescue competitions both nationally and globally. These competitions test rescue capabilities and rescue decision making across a range of scenarios

Following an unsuccessful rescue attempt, mines rescue may be responsible for body recovery or recovery of the mining operation which may include re-ventilation of an underground mine, control of a mine fire, drainage of water or other fluids underground, installing interim roof support (geological support). These activities are hazardous and only undertaken following careful planning.

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underground miner breaks pelvis

Underground miner breaks pelvis at Tritton

An underground miner has broken his pelvis following an incident at the Aeris Resources Tritton Copper Mines on Sunday. AMSJ believes the miner became trapped under a work bucket and large metal pipe...

The Draeger Mines Rescue Vehicle

New mines rescue vehicle could revolutionise rescue

A new mines rescue vehicle that has been developed specifically for use in Canadian mines could revolutionise the way teams approach a rescue. Dräger and mining vehicle manufacturer Paus have teamed...

Pike river mine re-entry drilling into mine seal

Pike river team set to go for re-entry tomorrow

After what has been a turbulent few weeks full of disappointment and technical issues, the Pike River Recovery Agency has once again commenced work on re-entering the Pike River mine where 29 mine...

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Mine worker found dead in overturned haul truck

A mine worker has been found dead in an overturned haul truck at a USA gold mine this morning. The haul truck fatality has shocked local mine workers and their families who last month witnessed the...

hastings deering cq rescue partnership

Hastings Deering rescue partnership

Leading industry Caterpillar mining equipment supplier Hastings Deering has partnered with RACQ CQ Rescue. The Hastings Deering partnership will support the delivery of life-saving aeromedical and...

Family members hang a poster to remember Pasta de conchos mine workers killed in gas explosion

Mexico pledges to recover miners from 2006 disaster

In scenes reminiscent of the Pike River mine recovery announcement, the President of Mexico, Andrés Obrador, has announced a mines rescue recovery mission to find the bodies of 63 miners trapped in...

pike river recovery

Pike River recovery | Planned re-entry called off

The planned re-entry into New Zealand’s Pike River mine tomorrow by the Pike river recovery team has been suspended today amidst concerns over elevated oxygen levels within areas of the mine where a...