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Coal Mines Technical Services inks distribution agreement with CSE Corporation

Coal Mine Technical Services vans
Coal Mine Technical Services vans

CSE Corporation and Coal Mines Technical Services (CMTS) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic agreement to better serve industries in New South Wales and Queensland. This new agreement creates a unique opportunity for the industry to gain ease of access to world-renowned safety products—such as Self-Contained Self-Rescuers—all supported by industry-leading technical support and expertise provided at the work site.

“We know CMTS has a reputation of excellence and that it was a natural fit to help expand our distribution network within Australia. We look forward to engaging with the industry alongside our new distribution partners to offer safety excellence that customers have come to expect,” said President of Operations Tom Johnston.

“Partnering with CSE complements our existing range of products, services and technical expertise that help ensure the safety of our industry’s workforce. Our purpose is to protect, and we see this strategic relationship as a further commitment to our industry and demonstration of how we do this. We look forward to building our relationship with CSE and continuing to enhance our customers’ experiences through exceptional service,” added Wayne Green, Chief Operating Officer, Coal Services.

CSE Corporation and CMTS have always been committed to improving workplace safety and providing unmatched customer support. By working together as partners our products and services will make it easier to operate safely and efficiently.

This agreement establishes CMTS as the exclusive distributor for all industries within eastern Australia.

About Coal Mines Technical Services

Coal Mines Technical Services (CMTS) has 40 years’ experience in providing gas detection and analysis products and services to the Australian coal mining industry. These services help employers to identify, assess, monitor and control risks inherent in the industry.

With offices across NSW and Qld, CMTS maintain a reputation for service excellence. Our purpose, vision and values are aligned to focus on the safety and health of our industry and its workers.

About CSE Corporation

CSE Corporation designs, develops, and manufactures world-class safety products for underground mining and a wide variety of other industrial applications, for over 50 years.

The company’s main product lines consist of:

  • Escape Breathing Apparatus, also known as SCSRs, designed to be carried or stored for use in an emergency
  • Gas detection devices for measuring and monitoring a wide variety of atmospheric contaminants
  • Biomarine Inc. – CSE also operates a separate company which manufactures 4-hour closed circuit breathing apparatus used by mine rescue teams, hazmat, tunnel response and other specialty teams.
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Coal Mines Technical Services logo
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