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Large area disinfecting from Tecpro Australia

Large area disinfecting canon

Efficiently disinfect large areas like mining warehouses, workshops and mess halls.

While there’s always been a need to protect large areas from bacteria, viruses and fungi, the COVID-19 outbreak has heightened the need for an efficient disinfection system to cleanse areas such as warehouses, factories, playgrounds, outdoor fitness areas and other large areas where people gather. 

One solution for large area disinfecting, is the V12So Disinfection Cannon from Tecpro Australia.

Its nozzles generate a fine mist of disinfectant solution which is evenly distributed by it’s powerful (but quiet) turbine. The mist settles over all surfaces and into hidden corners where nasties can lurk. 

Because the disinfection mist is so fine, there is no wetting or pooling. As a result, the disinfectant solution is used efficiently and water consumption is low – just 4 l/m. The V12So Disinfection Cannon is also very quiet with an operating noise of 60 dB(A) at the lowest speed – that’s equivalent to normal conversation. 

The V12So Disinfection Cannon is modular and comes with a number of optional extras such as a dosing pump to evenly mix the disinfectant, a generator, a water tank and a trailer. However, it can also be mounted onto the back of a small flatbed truck.


How to use the V12So Disinfection Cannon indoors

Step 1:  Clear the area of unauthorised personnel while conducting the disinfection procedure.

Step 2:  Switch off the fire alarm system (but ensure you turn it on again once disinfection is completed).

Step 3:  Ensure the operator wears personal protective equipment such as a protective suit, glasses, gloves and FFP2-3 mask. The  operator must remain behind the Disinfection Cannon while it is in use.

Step 4:  Spray the disinfectant mist in one section at a time for approx. 10-20 minutes using the V12So’s automatic rotation. Start the process at the back of the area and work forward. Do not spray directly onto shelves or surfaces. Instead, spray the disinfectant mist a few metres above the surfaces to be cleansed. (Please note:  Any packaged food must be safely covered before disinfection occurs.)

Step 5:  Allow 1 hour for the disinfection mist to settle and do its work. Then ventilate the area well.

The V12So Disinfection Cannon is exclusively available from Tecpro Australia – a leading engineering supply company. For more information visit or call 02 9634 3370 

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