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Scientific approach to dust management | Dust suppression

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Enviromist dust suppression technology uses scientific approaches to dust management

ENVIROMIST is one of the leading suppliers of turn-key dust suppression solutions. Critical to their success is a thorough engineering analysis approach combined with market-leading nozzle technology. The engineering approach undertaken by EnviroMist requires a detailed analysis of the problem, which includes identification of the following:

  • Source of dust;
  • Area to be covered;
  • The concentration of dust;
  • Dust particle size and properties;
  • Dust and air momentum.

To properly gather and analyse this information, EnviroMist conducts dust monitoring and particle sizing alongside identification of dust and airflows through video analysis or simulation techniques such as CFD and DEM. Assessing these variables allows for the problem to be well defined, resulting in easier application of an effective dust suppression system.

For a dust suppression system to be effective, it is crucial for nozzles to be selected and positioned in such a way that meets the following requirements:

  • Mist produced by the nozzle reaches the source of the dust under all conditions
  • Full coverage of the dust source is achieved
  • Droplet concentration exceeds the dust concentration
  • Droplet size is similar in size to the dust particles to maximise capture efficiency
  • Mist is not adversely affected by crosswinds or dust momentum

To fulfil these requirements, the characteristics of the spray produced by the nozzle must be verified to be appropriate for the conditions expected. EnviroMist nozzles have been specifically designed to meet the difficult conditions found in Australian mines.

With the support of the University of Wollongong, EnviroMist uses advanced measurement techniques to accurately identify the performance of their high-energy micro-mist nozzles. As a result, mist coverage, velocity, droplet size, and mist deflection can all be determined for any application.

This data allows for systems to be designed specifically to meet the requirements of a client’s application, providing high dust capture efficiencies without the need for huge water consumption. EnviroMist’s methodical approach has resulted in multiple successful projects being completed throughout Australia and the world.

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