AMSJ » Schauenburg Systems and dotNetix have announced new proximity detection systems with SCAS PDS Artificial Intelligence Camera.

Schauenburg Systems and dotNetix have announced new proximity detection systems with SCAS PDS Artificial Intelligence Camera.

This high-tech proximity detection systems product is an advanced driver assist system (ADAS) which is the first South African developed and manufactured camera with artificial intelligence, specifically designed for mine safety/traffic management, allowing for event and video logging and optimum safety.

Schauenburg Systems embraces digital technologies to support the mining industry underground and on the surface in its efforts to attain zero harm through advanced safety methods and increased productivity.

It has been identified in the mining environment that there are certain scenarios where tag-based proximity detection systems are not practical. For these scenarios, object detection systems are required that use passive proximity detection systems sensor technology.

This technology in layman’s terms is when a vehicle proximity detection systems system can detect and warn a driver of other objects without having any active proximity detection systems equipment installed on these objects.

There are many passive sensor technologies that assist tag-based proximity detection systems systems or act as stand-alone PDS systems. Schauenburg’s AI Camera stands for high accuracy, reduced false alarms, distance detection and data/video logging capabilities for effective incident analysis.

This camera, specifically designed for the harsh mining environment, combines three- dimensional image processing with AI integrated into camera systems.

The system uses advanced algorithms to detect objects; depending on the risk profile the cameras are positioned in front, rear or on the sides of the vehicle.

The potential of a collision is analysed by the system and the driver is warned with an audible alarm and/or voice command. The three-dimensional cameras were designed to accurately calculate the distance to an object by means of configurable dynamic zones of up to 150-meters.

Ettiene Pretorius, Business Manager at Schauenburg, emphasized that although the product is designed at this stage specifically to fulfil mining proximity detection system requirements, it is evident through many client consultations over the last months, that there are many other applications where this product can assist in automating operations.

“Schauenburg and dotNetix are excited about the official launch of this product after the product went through the stringent test, trial and certification phases which were part of the industrialisation process”.

Dieter Kovar, CEO of Schauenburg International-Africa Group, stresses that Schauenburg’s vision is to innovate new products through the latest digital technologies and by ingraining a customer-centric culture.

In line with the latest Mining Charter it strives for developing and manufacturing products primarily in South Africa. It considers itself as a prime partner for supporting the digital drive-in mining.

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