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United Safety Telematics and Vehicle Fire Suppression

Telematics & Vehicle Fire Suppression

Telematics is now a low-cost solution for monitoring your vehicle fire suppression systems on lead machines. United Safety has an integrated solution with a web portal which allows the user to set...

Fire suppression

Fire Suppression – Which one do I choose?

Fire suppression for mining vehicles and machines are generally one of five types: Water Mist with AFFF Foam spray systemsDry Chemical PowderDual Agent (powder and liquid cooling agent)Aerosol...

FOGMAKER United Safety Survivability Corporation

Fire safety & suppression

Fire safety is vitally important for the safety of all businesses and people alike, and after installing over 10,000 Fogmaker systems throughout Australia, United Safety & Survivability...

Hazelwood coal mine fire burned for several months

Research reveals health effects of Hazelwood mine fire

The Hazelwood Health Study’s Hazelinks Stream, which investigates changes in the health of the community during and after the Hazelwood mine fire, has released a report on risk of death in smoke...

fire prevention tips

10 Measures to Assess Fire Safety at the Workplace

Accidental fires occur far more frequently than people realize. The Fire and Rescue NSW responded to 24,502 fires in New South Wales between 2017 and 2018. A large percentage of these fires could...

Bushfire smoke effects in underground mines

Bushfire smoke in underground mines

With the range of bushfires burning across Australia at the moment, miners are advised to consider the potential effects of smoke in underground mine ventilation given its ability to mask a range of...

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