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Ventia Employee

Ventia awarded Bowen Basin Anglo contract

Ventia has been awarded a contract to deliver comprehensive facility and asset management services to Anglo American’s Metallurgical Coal business operations in the Bowen Basin, Central Queensland...

safety in an autonomous future

Prioritizing safety in an autonomous future

In new safety guidance on autonomous systems, the Global Mining Guidelines Group urges companies to adopt a comprehensive change-management approach. Potential procedural conflicts between staffed...

Anglo American Grosvenor Mine

Grosvenor mine explosion findings emerging

The cause of the Grosvenor mine gas explosion has been the subject of much conjecture at the recent Board of Inquiry. The conduct and subsequent findings of the inquiry have now been delayed but...

mine inquiry delay

Grosvenor inquiry findings delayed

The Board of Inquiry findings into the Grosvenor mine accident have been delayed until 2021 due to legal considerations. In a statement released today by the Queensland Board of Inquiry, Board...

re-entry to grosvenor mine anglo american

Anglo American restarts Grosvenor Mine in 2021

Anglo American has begun a series of workforce briefings at Grosvenor Mine and its other Queensland operations to further update on plans to improve safety and controls through data science and...