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Mine safety is a broad term referring to the practice of controlling and managing a wide range of hazards associated with the life cycle of mining-related activities. Mine safety practice involves the implementation of recognised hazard controls and/or reduction of risks associated with mining activities to legally, socially and morally acceptable levels.

Australasian Mine Safety Journal provides the latest information, news, research, case studies on the various aspects of mine safety including:

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Anglo American Grosvenor Mine

Moranbah North and Grosvenor mines update

Anglo American confirmed that longwall mining operations at Moranbah North Mine have safely restarted, in line with regulatory approvals. Production is expected to ramp up over coming weeks. Mining...

Building failures during severe weather events

Building failures during severe weather events

According to safety report from Queensland Coal Inspectorate, recently several coal mines experienced severe weather events characterised by very high wind gusts, hail and heavy rain. The storms...

Dragline boom incident

Dragline Boom Point Sheaves Fall to Ground

Queensland Coal Inspectorate has issued a safety alert following a major structural failure of the boom point sheaves on a BE1370 dragline, which allowed the sheave assembly to fall from the boom...

dozer Near miss

Near miss between dozer and haul truck

The NSW Resources Regulator has issued an alert following a haul truck and a dozer near-miss at an open cut coal mine. According to the report, a dozer operator communicated with a haul truck...

worker serious injury

Worker traps leg between two steel beams

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported an incident that occurred at an underground coal mine. According to the report, a worker sustained a broken tibia when his leg was trapped between two steel...