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A natural fit for hard work

For 150 years, Blundstone has had a long and proud tradition of delivering safety boots designed specifically to keep you on your feet when you’re on the job. Tasmanian owned and operated since 1870, Blundstone is synonymous with footwear that’s fit for purpose. Their Women’s Safety Series does just that – designed for women, made for women, tested by women – it’s a natural fit.

Having such a rich and proud legacy doesn’t mean that Blundstone rests on its laurels. Decades of innovative design and production mean that Blundstone now oversees a global supply chain, bringing together the best ideas, materials and designs to create a wide range of products for everywhere that life takes you.

Ongoing research and development have allowed the company to continue to improve comfort, protection, performance and aesthetics. As a market leader in work and safety footwear, Blundstone is proud of the five styles in its Women’s Safety Series. Designed for women, made for women and tested by women, the #884, #885, #886, #892 and #897 are engineered specifically for hardworking women – they don’t just come in small sizes.


Regardless of gender, hard work is hard work, and everyone deserves all the comfort and protection that they can get their hands on or, better yet, get their feet into. For Blundstone, creating this series of women’s safety boots, is quite simply a natural evolution and step forward. These boots are purpose-built with a mix of uppers and sole types as well as composite and steel toe options to ensure every working environment is covered. This range has been designed to best fit and protect hardworking women’s feet, all day, every day, from clock-on time to the depths of the mines and everywhere in between. They are state of the art – much like the women who fill them, who simply refuse to quit, regardless of the pressures put upon them.

The #892 and #897 have all the outstanding design components of Blundstone’s X-Foot Rubber series, recognised as being best in class with features including durable rubber soles that are heat resistant to 300°C and oil, acid and slip resistant; electrical hazard resistance; impact resistant steel toe caps; zipped sides; comfort arch footbeds; and TPU bump caps for added abrasion protection. These boots were designed to take the tough knocks, keeping you safe and comfortable all day, every day.

Blundstone also cater for women who need safety footwear but are looking for a lighter weight option. The #884, #885 and #886 all have a composite toe cap and are metal free making them an ideal choice for people who are regularly subjected to security screening at airports and mine sites. With a black/blue jogger design, a zip side sand ankle boot or a black water-resistant slip-on shoe, these composite footwear options would be suitable for many occupations.

All Blundstone safety boots comply to standard AS 2210.3:2019 and are available wherever hard work is taken seriously.

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