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Providing first aid and medical responses to mining emergencies and disaster-related events is an important element of risk mitigation for mining companies. Mining companies typically employ or contract specialist paramedics, occupational nurses and first aiders to respond to mining site based emergencies.

Mature and socially responsible mining companies typically have a site medical treatment or first aid centre with appropriately skilled personnel to run the centre. The key advantage of first response treatment of emergencies on mining sites is to lessen the potential for damage to personnel.

Site-based first aiders (occupational first aiders) typically work within the workforce and assist in maintaining and facilitating first aid treatment to injured workers. First aiders typically have a range of basic skills and competencies to enable them to provide an emergency first aid response. The skills include CPR, administration/use of oxygen and  resuscitation equipment, managing extreme heat cold affected persons, controlling bleeding, fractures and trauma, understanding the chemical system and material safety data sheets, triage of multiple casualties

In addition, there is a range of legislative requirements of an Occupational First Aider that must be understood.

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