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Building mining teams

Building mining teams

In a mining environment, it’s critical for safe production that everyone on the team is on the same page. Not only does this mean pursuing similar goals, but it also means that every person as...

Corporate spin in work safety can be damaging to incident prevention

Ethics of corporate spin in work safety

Exploring the ethics of corporate spin when it comes to workplace safety. John Ninness takes a look at the relationship between corporate spin in work safety and highlights that it has the potential...

telehandler merlo rollover

Merlo rollover at NSW mine during dragline cable move

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported a Merlo rollover dangerous incident. According to the latest report, the experienced operator was undertaking work moving a dragline cable using a Merlo 2448...

excavator collides with dozer

Incident | Excavator collides with dozer

Another serious incident this week in NSW. A collision occurred when an excavator slewed, striking a dozer with the counterweight. According to the NSW Resources Regulator, the dozer operator called...

dozer rolls on side

Dozer rolls on side at NSW mine

In the week ending 4th January 2019, the NSW Resources Regulator recorded 73 reportable incidents. In one of this week’s near-miss events, a dozer rolls onto its side while operating on a coal...

communicate safety

Poetry to communicate safety

A mining industry conference in Queensland has heard that poetry can be used to communicate safety messages at coal mining operations. Glencore have committed their “safe coal rules” to...

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