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ABB NeoGear

Low voltage switchgear protects workers

A multinational automation company enhanced its electric transmission equipment. ABB confirmed its low voltage switchgear is 25 per cent smaller than competitors and safer, higher performing and...

residual current device recall

Residual current device recall

An urgent recall of a residual current device that was old in NSW and Victoria has been issued by the Energy Safety regulator in Victoria. The Transco Model RCDMCB10S/RCDMCB16S/RCDMCB20S Batch number...

Mine-spec portable power distribution – one-stop-shop

Knowing that there will be safe, reliable portable power distribution is a must when planning for a mine shutdown. Nothing can jeopardise a schedule and push-out down-time more than an interruption...

Amendment to wiring rules

Amendment to Wiring Rules

Amendment 1 of the 2018 edition of AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules has been released by Standards Australia. The amendment includes several changes to the 2018 publication, including: Clarification of...

electrical licensing disciplinary action

Electrical licensing disciplinary actions

The Queensland Electrical Safety committee has instituted a range of electrical licensing disciplinary procedures on seven electricians for failing to manage a range of safety related actions at...

arc flash death occurred when installing a circuit breaker

Energy Australia releases statement on Arc Flash Death

Energy Australia has released a moving statement on the arc flash death of power station worker Graeme Edwards who suffered horrific fatal injuries after reinstalling a high-voltage circuit breaker...

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