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Coal mine offers three wage increases, $2500 bonus

Tahmoor coal mine
Tahmoor coal mine

A mineral operation agreed to lift salaries, give lucrative incentives, and improve penalty rates and leave pay.

Employees recently voted up a much better enterprise agreement at SIMEC Mining’s Tahmoor coal mine.

Rstar Mining crew members will receive a 5.3 per cent pay rise and two 4 per cent anniversary date increases. They will also have overtime paid at double time rates, more leave provisions and even a $2500 sign on bonus.

“RStar Mining proposed an enterprise agreement in 2023, which did not address many of our concerns around pay but because we had built a strong presence on site we were able to defeat that,” Mining and Energy Union southwest district secretary Andy Davey said in a public statement.

A total of 220 union members out of 330 employees successfully argued the business should revise its enterprise agreement.

“We are very proud of our members who stood strong together and secured this outcome,” Davey said.

The remarks came after the same members pressured RStar to stop deducing annual leave during public holidays. Those individuals whose annual leave was taken away were recredited those hours.

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