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Workplace bullshit meter

Dealing with workplace bullshit

Researchers from Canada, Italy and Finland have finally laid bare the fact that organisations across the world are “dealing with a flood of bullshit” and that bullshit is affecting morale and...

What is good safety culture

What are the elements of good safety culture?

Hale’s (2000) “elements for a good culture for safety” In a Safety Science editorial titled ‘Culture’s confusions,’ Hale (2000) offered the following list of eight “elements for a good culture for...

Corporate spin in work safety can be damaging to incident prevention

Ethics of corporate spin in work safety

Exploring the ethics of corporate spin when it comes to workplace safety. John Ninness takes a look at the relationship between corporate spin in work safety and highlights that it has the potential...

workplace culture in mining

Trends in workplace culture in 2019

Workplaces across every industry are becoming more and more aware of the importance culture plays in organisational success, according to coaching firm Corporate Edge. Culture plays a central...

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