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Minera Mining Technologies

Employer ramps up autonomous conversions

A multinational company will soon be able to automate mine sites more efficiently. Worley recently acquired autonomous specialist Minera Mining Technologies to help give more machinery driverless...

Driverless truck obstacle course

Driverless truck achieves goal at mine site trial

An autonomous heavy vehicle successfully completed an obstacle course with a roaring finish. One autonomous dump truck recently showed it was nimble enough to overcome a series of challenges and...

SafeAI driverless truck

Employer approves automating 100 heavy vehicles

A diversified contracting group will convert its mining truck fleet to autonomous technology. MACA recently signed a memorandum of understanding with machine control company Position Partners to...

Cat 789D WesTrac automation training centre

Rio Tinto and WesTrac celebrate autonomous partnership

A multinational mining company and CAT equipment supplier commemorated their first six months of automation training. Rio Tinto and WesTrac recently celebrated their Automated Haulage Systems (AHS)...

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