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Komatsu driverless trucks

Mining giant accepts blame for workplace fatality

A multinational resources company confessed to unlawfully causing one employee death at a mine site. A Rio Tinto subsidiary recently pleaded guilty to failing to enforce speed limits, resulting in a...

Driverless truck obstacle course

Driverless truck achieves goal at mine site trial

An autonomous heavy vehicle successfully completed an obstacle course with a roaring finish. One autonomous dump truck recently showed it was nimble enough to overcome a series of challenges and...

eDumper dump truck

Electric dump truck recharges without stopping

A multinational machinery maker found a way to constantly operate electric heavy vehicles without draining battery supplies. Switzerland-based Kuhn-Gruppe recently released what it claims to be the...

Single trailer road truck

Coal mines investigate heavy vehicle mishaps

Authorities are examining incidents at two mining operations in New South Wales. The state government is investigating a recent truck accident at an undisclosed open-cut coal mine. The single-trailer...

Dump truck runs over ute

Dump truck driver runs over ute blocking his way

A maintenance worker learnt the hard way not to park in a way that obstructs heavy vehicles from moving freely. A mobile mechanic recently thought it was a good idea to park his utility truck in...

dump truck incident

Dump truck incident at open cut coal mine

The dump truck incident on an open cut coal mine has been reported to the NSW Resources Regulator. The operator of a dump truck smelled smoke in the cabin, activated the emergency stop button and...

dump truck incident

Dump slump | mining truck incident

A dump slump truck incident has occurred at an open cut coal mine in NSW. According to the NSW mining safety regulator, both sets of rear wheels on a dump truck dropped approximately one metre when...

worker serious injury

Worker traps leg between two steel beams

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported an incident that occurred at an underground coal mine. According to the report, a worker sustained a broken tibia when his leg was trapped between two steel...

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