Rio Tinto windfarm

Mining giant calls tenders for major Qld project

A multinational resources company requested proposals for a new development in central and southern Queensland. Rio Tinto recently called tenders for a large-scale project that powers its Gladstone...

redearth battery

ComAp Announces Partnership with Red Earth Energy

ComAp is pleased to announce its partnership with RedEarth Energy Storage (RedEarth), providing the control system for RedEarth’s range of commercial and industrial energy storage systems...

Aggreko to energise mine power space with investment proposition

Aggreko gives mines the spark in 2021

Power supply might be what energy companies are known for, yet in 2021 the world’s leading mobile power provider Aggreko also wants to be recognised as an investor in life-of-mine projects. Aggreko...

BOC hydrogen

BOC delivers green hydrogen across South Australia

Leading gas and engineering company, BOC, a subsidiary of Linde plc, has signed an agreement to take excess green renewable hydrogen from the AGIG Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA) located at...

Coal mining

South Australia aiming for more mining jobs

The South Australian Government today launched ‘Building on our Strengths – South Australia’s Energy and Mining Strategy’ to outline the central role these sectors will play in delivering...

Australia’s energy future

Major reports on Australia’s energy future

The release of two reports by the Energy Security Board (ESB) and the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) into the future of the National Electricity Market has been welcomed by Energy...

mining training

Better Training, Better Outcomes

There is no doubt that mining is a dangerous occupation. In centuries past, the risk of death and serious injury was a very real possibility for mine workers whether they were extracting coal, metal...

procedures for safely removing PPE like safety glasses, goggles, coveralls, respirators

Procedures and sequence for safely removing PPE

Incorrect procedures for donning or doffing personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety glasses/goggles, respirators, coveralls and safety gloves can cause exposure to hazardous materials...

AMSJ April 2022