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Employees entitlements in wake of bushfires

In the wake of the recent bushfires, employers are often left wondering what they should do in respect of employee entitlements. Here are some key question and answers on managing employee...

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Fair work audits remote communities

Fair Work has continued with a range of compliance audits across businesses in remote communities in Australia, including those in the mining communities. The Fair Work Ombudsman recently completed...

workplace flexibility

New laws promote workplace flexibility

The Fair Work Commission has introduced important changes to flexible work that will affect millions of workers across all industries, including mining. Employers are now required to offer any...

WHS practices tested under new anti-bullying provisions

WHS practices tested under new anti-bullying provisions

A senior Employment and Workplace Health and Safety lawyer warns employers to revisit their performance management practices, which she predicts will be put under increased scrutiny now that the new...

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