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Jason Tulipan discusses the issues surround FIFO Mental health and mental health issues in the sector

Mental Health within the FIFO Sector – Opinion

Opinion piece By Jason Tulipan on Mental Health in the FIFO Sector and dealing with mental health issues. I am currently a relieving Master and Chief Officer on an offshore tug working off Broome for...

Fifo lifestyles survey information is being sought for a new book

Feedback sought for FIFO lifestyles survey

John Toomey is a wellness program provider is conducting research for a new book around FIFO lifestyles and the challenges of working FIFO. He is seeking your support for a survey. John writes…...

FIFO Mental Health is an emerging issues. Tips to improve mental health for FIFO workers

FIFO mental health

Susie Kindred, Registered Psychologist has some great self-care tips for maintaining FIFO Mental Health. Susie writes….One in five people will experience symptoms of mental illness in any one...

A new book helping children understand FIFO lifestyles has been written by a FIFO Worker

A new book to help FIFO kids understand

A new illustrated children’s book has been released by a second-generation FIFO worker. The book aims to help kids understand the challenges that dads and mums face with FIFO life. Michael...

living on a mine site and taking up a FIFO lifestyle

What to expect living on a mine site in Australia

It’s no surprise that many people are interested in joining the mining community and taking up a mining lifestyle. Salaries are as much as 60% larger than other industries, but there are a few things...

Easter for FIFO Families

FIFO Families Annual Easter Event

The Easter break is only a day away and while for many it is a welcomed break, for others – like FIFO, DIDO and other remote workers – it unfortunately doesn’t promise a few good...