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how fragmentation analysis can reduce energy costs for blasting.

Drilling down to the details of fragmentation

Mining promises few guarantees, but a reduced ore yield is a certainty if errors are made at any stage of the complex, multi-layered drill and blast process. The potential for wasted energy, time...

Blast Movement Technologies

The safer solution to post-blast monitoring

A leader in post-blast ore location and recovery, Blast Movement Technologies (BMT), part of Hexagon, released FED 2.0. This specially fitted UAV offers a safer, more expedient solution to post-blast...

safety in an autonomous future

Prioritizing safety in an autonomous future

In new safety guidance on autonomous systems, the Global Mining Guidelines Group urges companies to adopt a comprehensive change-management approach. Potential procedural conflicts between staffed...

Digital Technologies helping improve mining efficiency

How digital technologies help mines cut costs not corners

As companies recover from a global pandemic, many are adopting digital technologies to help cut costs and increase operational efficiency. Getting the most out of equipment is more crucial than ever...


Hexagon and RealWear mitigate safety hazards

Hexagon’s PPM division and RealWear® announce the continued development of interoperability between Hexagon’s Xalt Connected Worker solution and RealWear’s HMT family of wearable, hands-free...

Adding an extra layer of safety with OAS & CAS Analytics

Heavy traffic, large machinery and dangerous environments make safety a constant challenge at a mine. Hexagon, a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions, knows the risks its mining...

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