10 Tips to Make You a More Effective Mining Leader

10 Tips to Make You a More Effective Mining Leader

Many people look forward to rising through the ranks in the mining industry. However, there comes a point when promotion means taking on a leadership role. It is not easy to be an effective leader...

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BHP announces appointments to Executive Leadership Team

BHP Chief Executive Officer Mike Henry has announced new appointments to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). The appointments include two new roles (Chief Technical Officer and Chief Development...

leadership types safety

What Leadership Type Are You?

Quality of leadership can make all the difference to the standard of safety in any organization, writes Dr. Marcus Cattani. If your business has safety performance problems turning the organization...

What is mine safety leadership?

What is mining safety leadership?

The term ‘mining safety leadership’ is often used throughout the mining industry to herald an individual or companies achievements in mine safety. But it can mean many things to many...

safety leadership is critical to ensuring reduction in injuries

Weak and Invisible Safety Leadership?

Every now and then I meet people who claim that what is needed to improve safety is ‘strong and visible safety leadership’. I sort of get what they mean with ‘visible leadership’ (that leaders can be...

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