Hydraulic hose

Equipment falls and fatally pins worker

An employee died after earthmoving machinery crushed his body. A maintenance worker recently passed away while replacing a worn-out main hydraulic pressure hose. The individual began by releasing...

Dump truck runs over ute

Dump truck driver runs over ute blocking his way

A maintenance worker learnt the hard way not to park in a way that obstructs heavy vehicles from moving freely. A mobile mechanic recently thought it was a good idea to park his utility truck in...

Maintainer stuck under cab

Contract maintainer pinned under a cab

The NSW Resources Regulator has published advice for miners following a contract maintainer being pinned under a cab at a Limestone mine near Tamworth in NSW (See the original report here). The...

Shearer used to tow AFC chain results in leg injuries

An incident investigation report has been released by the NSW Mine Safety Regulator following the failure of a RUD link being used in a towing set up to tow an AFC Chain with a longwall shearer. The...

track press serious mining incident

Track press cylinder fail results in serious injuries

The Queensland Mining Safety Regulator has advised of a serious incident that resulted in a mineworker being airlifted to a Brisbane hospital with a range of serious injuries. The report documents...

AMSJ April 2022