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Miner dead in rehabilitation accident

The USA Government, Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA has reported a mine rehabilitation accident involving a hydroseeder that occurred on October 9, 2020. According to the report, a...

KN 95 respirators banned

Safety regulator bans KN95 for use at work

The UK’s leading health and safety regulator has issued a ban on Chinese respiratory protective masks stating that the KN95 must not be used as PPE at work as their effectiveness cannot be...

face mask

Flame-Resistant Face Coverings Made with Nomex®

 DuPont Personal Protection today announced that face coverings made with DuPont™ Nomex® may be used along with flame-resistant (FR) garments, such as those made of Nomex®, in response to the...

Fake respirator

Fake respirator alert issued

An Australian safety regulator had issued an alert regarding the supply of fake respirators to the Australian market. According to information supplied to AMSJ, a number of Chinese manufacturers have...

Personal protective equipment covid-19

Standards for PPE during COVID-19

Here’s a quick guide to the range of Standards that apply to personal protective equipment (PPE) that may be used by your operation during COVID-19. Standards relating to key Personal...

respiratory protection may affect the mining industry

Coronavirus COVID-19 may affect PPE supplies

As the Coronavirus (COVID- 19) hits globally, there are warnings emerging that many global PPE supply chains could be affected by product shortages due to growing demands. KEY TAKEAWAYS Global demand...