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GroundProbe launches reactive geohazard monitoring

RGR-Velox (Reactive Geohazard Radar) is a military-precision reactive monitoring and alarming system for tailings dam breaches, large slope failures, landslides and avalanches. It detects, tracks and...

Situation awareness is improved through enhanced monitoring systems

Situational awareness

Situational awareness is now a key element of many mining safety programs across the industry. As an internalised safety protocol on many mining sites, it serves as an important element of a good...

Reutech has launched a new radar which may be the fastest slope monitoring device yet seen. Groundprobe

Reutech launches new slope stability radar

Reutech Mining says it has launched the fastest scanning and most sophisticated slope monitoring radar in the industry, the MSRIV Esprit. “The exceptional high scan speed ensures early detection of...