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Australia’s leading and oldest safety magazine Australasian Mine Safety Journal challenges traditional thinking on safety practices and safety management. AMSJ is a safety magazine that has flourished as the importance of safety has emerged in Australian society. Read more information about current news, safety practices, case studies in Australia’s best safety magazine.

Dangerous Incident Safety Incident Coal Mine

Serious Injury – Drill Steel Crushed Operators Foot

Serious injury | SinNot 2018/00815 Summary: An operator suffered a fractured toe and lacerations requiring stitches when a drill steel crushed his foot. The operator was installing a cable bolt. The...

Dangerous Incident Safety Incident Coal Mine

Dangerous Incident – Coal Burst During Longwall Mining

Summary: A coal burst occurred during longwall mining.  Ejected coal was found in the walkway of the longwall.  Face pressure was lost. Recommendations to industry: The Work Health and Safety (Mines...

Dangerous Incident Safety Incident Coal Mine

Dangerous incident – Operator Arm Trapped

Summary: An operator on a continuous miner had his arm trapped between the rib protection and a rib bolter. A piece of rib 0.5 metre wide by 2.8 metre high slumped down under the bolting platform...

Dangerous Incident Safety Incident Coal Mine

Dangerous Incident – Articulated Dump Truck Rolled

Summary: An articulated dump truck has rolled. The truck was tipping its load when the incident occurred. Recommendations to industry: Areas where vehicles are raising a load should be monitored for...