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Dangerous Incident – Coal & Gas Ejected From Borehole

Dangerous Incident Safety Incident Coal Mine

Summary: Coal and gas was ejected from the rib from the vicinity of a borehole. The power to the miner was tripped by the methanometer. There were three operators at the miner at the time of the incident. One operator suffered bruising and abrasions when he fell while clearing the area. The scene was preserved immediately however was later disturbed by mine workers.

Recommendations to industry: When scene preservation is required the mine must take all necessary steps to prevent people from disturbing the scene. This may include placing sentries. Section 17 of the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Act 2013 allows for treatment of injured workers, activity to make an area safe and actions directed by an inspector irrespective of any non-disturbance requirements.
Mines should have in place systems of work for mining in proximity of boreholes.

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