Our mines archive provides information on relevant mines throughout Australia and internationally. Information in our mines archive may extend to aspects of mine production, exploration, development, mine safety.

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ADE Spray Head Valves

The ADE Spray head valve are heavy duty, low maintenance and made for mining An innovative internal spray head design does not use a diaphragm which results in less energy being required to close the...

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ADE Cannon

The ADE Water Cannon is a heavy duty, low maintenance remote operated water cannon specifically made for the mining industry and designed to be installed on large off-highway water trucks. ...

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Automated Fluid Transfer System

“These are multi-million-dollar drills, so you want to be able to keep them going to make full use of the asset,” Marcel said. As more and more trucks and drills are becoming autonomous...

protest at vale mine

Protest at Vale New Caledonia site

A protest has occurred at Vale’s nickel mining site in New Caledonia resulting in the site being evacuated and military protection being established on the mine’s perimeter. The protest...

Heat stress the cause of WA miner death

The death of a WA miner, Adam Perttula in November 2015 was linked to heat stress, according to prosecution and a significant incident report released by the Department of Mines and Petroleum. The 28...

mine safety roadshow

Regulator uses roadshows to deliver mine safety message

The NSW Resources Regulator is engaging with the industry through a series of events in regional NSW for small mine and quarry operators, with workshops being held at the following locations: Narooma...

safety management systems should assist management

Safety Management Systems – a different perspective

A Safety Management System is supposed to be a systematic and proactive process for managing safety risks. Having a structured approach to safety management should complement and support good...

beaconsfield mine rescue was a defining moment for australia

Beaconsfield miners rescued | Time marches on

Brant Webb and Todd Russell stepped outside of the Beaconsfield mine and clocked off after two weeks trapped underground. The Beaconsfield mines rescue is a defining moment in mining safety in...

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