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Mine Safety Australia is emerging as an important part of mining in Australia. Australian companies are looking at innovative practices and equipment to improve their safety performance in Australia. The introduction of robotic autonomous haul trucks has contributed to a reduction in fatal incidents in Australian mines where they are operating. Australian mine safety innovation leads the world in gas monitoring, automation, real-time hazard monitoring and other technological developments.

Soft tissue

Soft tissue health a top priority for reducing LTIs

A physical trainer, noted for helping FIFO workers with fitness and weight reduction plans, believes soft tissue health is the “key focus” to reducing total recorded injury frequency rates (TRIFR)...

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Is mining safety a journey or a destination?

OPINION  There is no doubt that there are some safety challenges facing the mining industry in Australia. While it’s clear that there are pockets of excellence with some outstanding initiatives...

Mining Safety – Common Dangers To Protect Yourself

Guest post by Drew Bishop Living in today’s modern time has been a blessing in more ways than one. Technology is currently ruling society to the highest degree, but there are a number of...