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people at work

People at Work digital tool launched across Australia

Australia’s only validated psychosocial risk assessment tool, People at Work, is up and running on a new free, digital platform thanks to working health and safety regulators and leading researchers...

micro droplet prevention ventilation

Ventilation in Indoor Workplaces Factsheet

A new fact sheet on Improving ventilation in indoor workplaces – COVID-19 has been developed by Safe Work Australia. The fact sheet highlights three steps that will help to reduce the risk of COVID...

COVID-19 Vaccine National WHS guidance released

COVID-19 Vaccine National WHS guidance released

Safe Work Australia has released work health safety guidance on COVID-19 vaccinations and the workplace in readiness for Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout strategy commencing Monday, 22 February...

Transition to GHS 7 - webinar

Get ready for GHS 7

Safe Work Australia has published a new webinar to help businesses navigate the transition to GHS 7. On 1 January 2021, Australia began a two-year transition from the Globally Harmonized System of...

Mining Fatality rate

Mining fatality rate falls in 2020

The number of fatalities occurring in the Australian mining sector last year has fallen with five workers killed till 18th November 2020 according to a Safe Work Australia report. In the same period...

COVID-19 Compensation claims

COVID-19 compensation claims emerging

Safe Work Australia has recently published a snapshot of COVID-19-related workers compensation claims data, up to 31 July 2020. The data shows that mental health related claims are emerging since the...

Sotar Spine Musculoskelatal feedback monitor

Wearable Safety Device assists to avoid injury risk

Soter Analytics has developed a wearable safety device with sensor and app to coach industrial workers to avoid injury risk.  New technology consisting of a wearable sensor and accompanying app...

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