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Silica dust

The Tiny Protagonist Injuring Australians

What can be 100 times smaller than a grain of sand, yet it may be fatal for those who inhale it? While obvious answers would include the Covid-19 virus and Asbestos fibres, there is another...

Minetek delivers on custom ventilation solution

Minetek delivers on custom ventilation solution

Minetek has been chosen to supply a custom ventilation solution for a global gold mining company’s underground crusher, located at its central NSW operation. Minetek was contracted to provide a...

Cleanspace respirators offer protection from crystalline silica / silica dust

CleanSpace respirators

CleanSpace Respirators exceed minimum requirement for new QLD Code of Practice on silica dust exposure Most people would have heard about the dangers of respirable crystalline silica exposure and its...

working with silica - a new guide has been released

New guide for working with silica

A new guide for working with silica has been released by Safework Australia. If you are a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) who has workers (including yourself) that work with silica...