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Dam stability measures have been undertaken to mitigate the affect of tailings dam failure at barão de cocais

Vale reiterates dam stability preventative measures

Vale has reiterated that it has taken a range of dam stability preventative measures for ensuring safety around its’ latest Barão de Cocais tailings dam alerts amidst concerns that a mine slope...

a slope stability issue has triggered a response at the gongo soco mine

Slope stability issues plague Vale’s Gongo Soco mine

Slope stability issues in a tailings dam wall at Vale’s Brazilian Gongo Soco mine have triggered a range of preparedness measures in anticipation of another dam wall failure. Vale reported that...

Vale tailings dam critical condition

Vale announces another dam in critical condition

Vale has announced that another tailings dam is in critical condition. The South Superior Dam at the Gongo Soco mine has an imminent risk of rupture. Vale said in a media release this weekend that on...

Vale ordered to stop production following tailings dam disaster

Vale ordered to stop production

Vale has been ordered to stop production by a Brazilian court at an additional iron ore mining operation amidst Government claims of potential tailings dam safety issues. The court order relates to...

tailings dam disaster CEO resignation

Vale CEO steps down following tailings dam disaster

Vale CEO Fabio Schvartsman and three other senior executives have stepped down amidst the fallout from the Brumadinho tailings disaster.  The executives submitted their temporary resignations on...