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Comfort is the key to compliance

A worker’s hands are their most valuable asset and should be protected to the greatest extent. When it comes to hand protection at work it is important to choose the right glove for the job. Job...

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Take 5 Minutes for Your Safety

Whether you are aiming for Zero Harm, No Accidents Today, Everyone Home Safe or some other gold standard of workplace safety, the key is identifying hazards and controlling risks through a robust...

Work Boots

Sole Design: Fit-for-Purpose

How many of us have used a variation of the phrase: ‘Do not judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes’? With a few tweaks we can mould this to the construction industry: ‘You can...

CMM reports 2020 safety performance of its members

ICMM publishes 2020 safety performance data of members

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) has released a report that benchmarks the 2020 safety performance of its members. ICMM members have an unwavering commitment to the health and...

reckless conduct put a company director behind bars

Company director jailed for death of worker in WA

A prison sentence recently handed down to a company director in the Magistrates Court serves as a timely reminder that regulators are willing to seek, and courts are increasingly willing to impose...

workplace health safety show

Workplace Health & Safety Show returns in 2021

Trusted industry trailblazers and game-changing newcomers will unite at Workplace Health & Safety Show 2021, sharing the latest news and research, and showcasing the cutting edge technology...

prevent group violence

Put a stop to workplace violence

WorkSafe Victoria is launching a new campaign highlighting the need for employers and the community to come together to stamp out violence in the workplace. Work-related violence has a devastating...

serious injury

Powerline incidents prompt safety warning

WorkSafe Victoria is urging employers operating mobile machinery near overhead power lines to put safety first following a spate of electric shock incidents and near misses. Since November 2020, one...

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