Dozer Meets Watery End In Unmarked Test Hole After Heavy Rain


The driver of a dozer that slide into a waterlogged test hole at Bengalla Mine late last year, was not aware of the danger due to the fact that the hole was unmarked and that water from heavy rain masked the location and depth of the hole, according to an investigation into the incident. NSW …

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60 Per Cent Of Women In Mining Don’t Report Discrimination

60 per cent of women in mining don’t report discrimination for fear their claims will not be taken seriously by their male superior, according to new research just released. The report, by Beyond Recruitment Group, also found that 70% of the blue-collar female workers surveyed had routinely experienced discrimination while working on a mine site. A very …

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Fewer Victorians Injured At Work

The Victorian WorkCover Authority’s (VWA’s) half-yearly results reveal that fewer Victorians are injured at work, more workers are returning to work after injury, and the Victorian scheme continues to be financially sustainable. The VWA Chief Executive Denise Cosgrove said the results were an encouraging sign that the Victorian economy is responding positively to a challenging …

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What’s Your Poison


DRUG COMPLIANCE IN WA MINING Schedule 8 drugs are those drugs listed in schedule 8 of the current Poisons Standard, as defined in the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Commonwealth). In essence these are drugs requiring restrictions relating to the: manufacture; supply; distribution; possession and use. This is to reduce the possible abuse, misuse and physical …

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To The Rescue

Valerie Ingham and Ben Ingham present a case study of the training practices of the Mine Rescue Team at Golden Grove, Western Australia. Golden Grove background Golden Grove, 500 km north of Perth, is a complex and challenging operation. Geographically isolated, there are no nearby services or amenities.  At the time of the case study the mine …

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