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Adding an extra layer of safety with OAS and CAS Analytics

HEXAGON Adding an extra layer of safety with OAS and CAS Analytics

Heavy traffic, large machinery and dangerous environments make safety a constant challenge at a mine. Hexagon AB, a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions, knows the risks its mining customers face.

The HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System (CAS) and Operator Alertness System (OAS) are world-class solutions that help minimise traffic, fatigue and distraction incidents. CAS provides 360-degree proximity detection for vehicles and operators while OAS-HV and OAS-LV provide fatigue and distraction detection, alerting and reporting for heavy and light vehicles.

The solutions inform operators about dangerous situations and help to mitigate risk. When paired with HxGN MineEnterprise’s OAS and CAS Analytics, mine’s benefit from web-based monitoring of critical risk events. This gives OAS and CAS and extra layer of safety to protect equipment and personnel.

How CAS Analytics works

Through a cabin display unit, CAS protects all mining vehicles, assets, and vehicle operators within 500 meters in open pit mines. The solution provides 360-degree awareness for surrounding vehicles and selected assets, as well as a technology-leading collision avoidance function based on path prediction.

The system uses GNSS and RF technologies and requires no support infrastructure. The highly configurable solution enjoys high operator adoption because of minimal nuisance alarms and delivers enhanced safety for all mine and vehicle types.

Live dashboards summarise key performance indicators in an easy to understand interface.

Reporting capabilities allow for full access and interpretation of the data for continuous safety improvements. CAS Analytics provides the safety department and mine management the tool to monitor and react to vehicle-on-vehicle interactions and overspeed trends.

Key features include visualizations of historical events and heat maps to see areas with high incidence, CAS hardware health monitoring, real-time equipment tracking and playback, and safety dashboards to summarize key performance indicators. This functionality lets managers drill down into safety data to facilitate preventative decision making, gather information for incident reports and drive a culture of safety awareness.

How OAS Analytics works

OAS is a fatigue and distraction edge computing detection unit. Using computer vision AI, it provides real-time monitoring of operator alertness inside the cab of all auxiliary and medium-sized mobile equipment, as well as in light vehicles, buses and semi-trucks.

In the event of distraction, drowsiness and microsleeps, drivers receive real-time notifications, allowing them to act, thus preventing an accident. The in-cab device is easy to install and works in both light and dark conditions, and through prescription glasses and/or lenses. The OAS device communicates and integrates seamlessly with the OAS Analytics server, enabling full heavy- and light-vehicle fleet monitoring.

OAS provides the most advanced remote operator alertness monitoring within a proven intervention framework, as well as performance measurement for pro-active decision-making and reporting. It features a web platform to continuously assess in real time the fatigue and distraction risks of individual operators and the complete fleet, allowing intervention, if necessary. 

Visualise areas of high incidence with heat maps to find the root cause

CAS Analytics provides similar functionality to OAS Analytics. The added dashboards and automated insights make OAS more than just a monitoring solution. It allows mines to measure company policy improvements, individual lifestyle impacts, and create situational awareness for everyone involved in the operation.

Mines can drive a culture of fatigue awareness and gain insight into the dangers their operators face in the field during long shifts.

A comprehensive safety portfolio

Hexagon firmly believes that the most important asset coming out of a mine are the people who make mining possible. Committing to a comprehensive safety portfolio might be the smartest investment a mine can make.

CAS and OAS Analytics are the latest advance in helping customers pursue zero harm in their mines. And one more way to ensure that everyone gets home safely.

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