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Our integrated approach to safety

BLACKWOODS Personal Protective Equipment

For over 140 years, we’ve been Australia’s leading industrial and safety equipment provider. You’ll find us across the country on construction sites, mine sites, and on desert roads, making sure workers are protected when it matters most.

We work with customers to understand the specific hazards they face. Drawing on the knowledge of our technical team, we share the expertise needed to review, test and manage safe work practices.

Where stock is critical and time is limited, we can provide streamlined solutions using smart technology to help you better manage inventory, reduce cost, free-up capital and improve productivity.

When managing safety on worksites, knowledge is the key to prevention. Our goal is to stay abreast of the latest safety standards, recommendations and technology so we can keep our customers informed.

Our Technical Safety Specialists are experienced in a wide range of industries, from mining to construction. They offer a wealth of hands-on practical knowledge and a passion for helping customers stay informed and protected.

Our global sourcing expertise and capability coupled with long-standing relationships with market leading manufacturers throughout the world ensures our customers are provided with any best-practice developments and innovations in the safety space.

With fit-for-purpose product selection guidance, sourcing, delivery and post purchase support in line with applicable standards, we have everything you need to get the job done safely, and if we don’t have it, we can get it.

But our approach goes far beyond simply supplying safety products. We invest time and expertise in our customers and share our broad depth of knowledge, so they are equipped to ensure that every employee, contractor and visitor returns home healthy and injury free.

It’s what we refer to as our assess, inform, equip model. At each stage of the process, we collaborate with clients to ensure they get the right product, technical knowledge, and training, at the right time.

Our holistic approach to safety is what sets us apart and it’s something we’re incredibly proud of. Because when our customers can do their job safely and confidently, then we know we’ve done ours. Together we’re helping build a better AUSTRALIA.

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