AMSJ » Brisbane boasts the safest coal terminal in Australia

Brisbane boasts the safest coal terminal in Australia

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Port of Brisbane now boasts the safest coal terminal in Australia with Queensland Bulk Handling (QBH) reporting injury free for more than 300,000 man hours.

The terminal currently has the lowest Loss Time Injury (LTI) record in the country following an impressive six-year run LTI free.

Workers at the facility believe a strong ‘safety first’ mentality has led to the impressive safety record and being the safest coal terminal in Australia.

Queensland Bulk Handling logistics operator, Harry Redmond said the six-year milestone was the result of a combined companywide effort of promoting a strong safety culture – a core Company value.

“We work with some incredibly big machinery, so it’s vital you keep your wits about you and remain alert to what is happening around you,” Harry said.

“In saying that, after a while you become familiar with the environment and day to day operational tasks and that familiarity can lead to decreased awareness.

“That’s where a real commitment to safety is important.

“What QBH has gotten really good at over the last six years is making sure we work with a safety first mentality and now we’re getting more and more proactive with it.”

“We’re not just looking for existing hazards, we’re looking for ways to continually improve and refine the way we work.”

Fellow QBH logistics operator Dale Sharp said the milestone was also the result of an engaging health and safety campaign.

“We didn’t achieve this by attending a half day safety workshop,” Dale said. “It took a lot of effort and great team work to make sure it became second nature to us.

“Whether its health or safety workshops, visits by experts or regular safety interventions, you can tell there is a real drive to make QBH a safe workplace.

“We know management are serious about putting safety first and that’s empowered us to step back and really think about how we can continually improve the way we work.”

Congratulations to QBH on being the safety coal terminal in Australia.

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