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CAT Skid: Supporting OH&S and Equipment Handling

AusProof CAT Skid

Part of the AusProof DNA is its drive and commitment to designing new products and redeveloping existing ones, in order to provide the mining, tunnelling and pumping industries with high quality equipment to assist in their operational needs. The inspiration behind the work done by AusProof’s Research and Development team can be internal, such as the desire to reduce downtime, support Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) practices, or create a unique solution to a maintenance issue. Other times, such as in the case of AusProof’s CAT Skid, the inspiration comes from the desire to meet the needs of a specific a client request or customer feedback.

Over the years the CAT Skid has been subject to constant internal review by AusProof’s R&D team. The current iteration of the CAT Skid utilises the best features of previously available designs, while integrating innovative new features that have been thoroughly developed, tested and checked. Lifting your couplers off the ground not only creates a safer working environment, but also helps prolong the longevity of your coupler.

Using the CAT Skid can assist sites in simplifying equipment access and maintenance, and in reducing downtime, by streamlining the alignment, opening and closing of the cable system. Housing an AusProof coupler in the CAT Skid enables ease of handling as well as movement. With the coupler securely attached, the skid allows for the coupler to be rolled without the concern of damaging it. This, in turn, helps to support and promote safe and healthy OH&S practices.

Available for use in both above and below ground operational envrionments, one of the advantages to the current design of the CAT Skid is that it is compatible with all AusProof high voltage couplers, both aluminium and stainless steel, new and old, regardless of their size. This is achieved through the CAT Skid’s ‘mix and match’ style of design. The frame of the CAT Skid itself is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product. The compatible ‘mix and match’ aspect of the CAT Skid is in the purchase of different cradles to suit your particular coupler. These cradles can be ordered separately at any time whenever they are required.

If you’re looking for a coupler handling solution that will assist in equipment handling and maintenance efficiency, reduce the time necessary to open and close the coupler system, and support workplace OH&S practices, AusProof’s CAT Skid is for you. For more information about this product, contact your local AusProof state sales representative, who can assist you with any queries you may have. A tech manual for the CAT Skid is also available for download from AusProof’s website.


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