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Mine ground control is the application of methods to eliminate or reduce (as far as reasonably practicable), the geotechnical risks associated with the movement of the ground in surface and underground mines. The practices associated with ground control can be varied according to the geotechnical structures encountered in the mining operation.

The information presented by AMSJ covers control methods both in underground and surface operations.

Ultimately the objective of ground control is to maintain safe working in strata whether it be in rock and soil (the terms strata control and slope management are also used in underground mines and surface mines, respectively). Slope stability, roof talk, roof falls, outbursts, rock bursts, scaling, ground control monitoring and ground control incidents are included in this category.

We also provide current information on geotechnical methods and the latest equipment for mitigating the effects of ground movement.

mine roof support material

Mineworker knocked unconscious by falling roof material

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported that a mineworker was hit on the hard hat by falling roof material while installing ground support. The worker believes he was knocked unconscious for about...

Buried continuous miner NSW mine

Continuous miner buried in roof fall

A continuous miner has been buried during work in a development panel at a NSW underground coal mine in significant-high potential incident that left other mineworkers scrambling for their lives...

new ground control guidelines for western australia

New ground control guidelines for Western Australia

New ground control guidelines have been released by the DMIRS and the WA Mining Industry Advisory Committee. ‘Ground control management in Western Australian mining operations’ has been...

slope stability radar

New Slope Stability Radar for tactical monitoring

Slope stability radar manufacturer, GroundProbe, has introduced a new product that will facilitate tactical monitoring of slope stability in mines. The vehicle mounted, the SSR-Agilis is designed to...

Daniel Walton AWU speaks aboiut henty gold mine

Union says loader fell 10-15 metres into a void at Henty

The Australian Workers Union (AWU) told media this morning that the loader a mineworker was operating at the Henty mine in Tasmania fell 10-15 metres into a void as the roadway opened up. National...

Bootu Creek Slope failure

Video of Bootu Creek slope failure

A video of a Bootu Creek slope failure has emerged online. The video shows a slope failure at the pit that was reportedly prone to issues before the death of a mineworker and Supervisor Craig Butler...

rockfall traps mine vehicles NSW mine

Rockfall traps mine vehicles

A rockfall at a NSW underground metalliferous mine trapped a loader and a light vehicle with a worker inside the vehicle. According to the NSW Mine Safety Regulator “The worker first heard...

a mineworker was buried alive in an excavator in mine safety incident at the central norseman operation

Miner buried alive in excavator

A miner who was effectively buried alive in a 30-tonne excavator as it fell through old workings in 2015 has provided evidence at a hearing at Kalgoorlie Magistrate’s Court. Bruce Harris, a 53...

quarry wall collapse crushes caterpillar 992K

Quarry wall collapse leaves Caterpillar 992K destroyed

A quarry wall collapse in a Belgium quarry has left a Caterpillar 992K loader destroyed and an operator hospitalised. The quarry incident reportedly occurred at the Sagrex Lemay quarry in Antoing...

roof fall at chilean mine

Chilean mine roof fall video

Video has emerged of miners fleeing from a roof fall / working face in a Chilean mine. The incident reportedly occurred on the 24th November around 18:48 at the Chilean underground metalliferous mine...

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