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Mine ground control is the application of methods to eliminate or reduce (as far as reasonably practicable), the geotechnical risks associated with the movement of the ground in surface and underground mines. The practices associated with ground control can be varied according to the geotechnical structures encountered in the mining operation.

The information presented by AMSJ covers control methods both in underground and surface operations.

Ultimately the objective of ground control is to maintain safe working in strata whether it be in rock and soil (the terms strata control and slope management are also used in underground mines and surface mines, respectively). Slope stability, roof talk, roof falls, outbursts, rock bursts, scaling, ground control monitoring and ground control incidents are included in this category.

We also provide current information on geotechnical methods and the latest equipment for mitigating the effects of ground movement.

China mining accident leaves seven dead

China mining accident leaves seven dead

A mining accident in northern China left seven people dead, local authorities in the city of Tangshan, Hebei Province said last Friday. The accident occurred at about 12:30 p.m. in a coal mine of the...

Reutech has launched a new radar which may be the fastest slope monitoring device yet seen. Groundprobe

Reutech launches new slope stability radar

Reutech Mining says it has launched the fastest scanning and most sophisticated slope monitoring radar in the industry, the MSRIV Esprit. “The exceptional high scan speed ensures early detection of...

a survivor from the chilean copper mine is treated for injuries

Mines rescue still searching in Chilean mine accident

Mines rescue teams are still searching for a miner missing in a Chilean mine accident in a copper mine. The Chilean mine accident in a copper mine claimed the life of one miner after a fall of ground...

rib fall at a US Kentucky mine kills miner

Miner dies in rib fall

A coal miner with 12 years underground experience has died following injuries sustained in a rib fall at a US mine. According to local media, Felix North was critically injured in an incident on May...

beaconsfield mine

Beaconsfield Mine disaster and what was learned

The Beaconsfield mine disaster in Australia could have had more tragic outcomes. But the legacy of the disaster is the highly relevant lessons learned that are applied today to prevent a re...

jade mine disaster myanmar

50 believed to be dead in Myanmar mine mudslide

50 mine workers are believed to have died following a mudslide at a jade mine in the northern part of Myanmar. An MP from the region has told media sources that more than “50 people are...

wongawilli colliery mine safety concerns

Mine safety concerns close century old mine

A coal mine that has operated for more than a century will be forced to shut down because state authorities have banned mining activities due to mine safety concerns. A number of roof falls, conveyor...

highwall collapse loader operator fatality

Highwall collapse investigation report

The US-based Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has released an investigation report involving the fatality of a loader operator from a highwall collapse at the Little Spring Creek Mine in...

mining incident missing workers

Two mineworkers missing following mudflow incident

Two mine workers from  PT Freeport Indonesia’s (PTFI) gold and copper miner remain missing following a mining incident involving a mudflow on Wednesday afternoon at the company’s Grasberg...